Get it moving with PWM!

This time, we’ll know how to get our devices in motion using servos and motors. This is easy to control them thanks to the PWM signals of the Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone and many other single-board computers and micro-controllers. Additionally we’ll see how to control the speed and direction of wheel motors using the DRV8835 Dual … Read more Get it moving with PWM!

GPIO using sysfs

The sysfs is the virtual data system of Linux’s kernel. It exports features of several kernel subsystems , hardware and related device drivers, through pseudo-files. Furthermore. Anyone can use it from any programming language as any other file system. Thus it’s very easy to use the sysfs for a basic communication  with external devices. As … Read more GPIO using sysfs

Are the Single-board Computers the Next IT Revolution?

We are going give an overview to several open-source projects on the IoT and robotics field. Furthermore, we can discuss about possible projects we can develop together.