The target of this project is to build an Open Source and Open Hardware robotic system. Starting with a prototype, which let us learn and experiment about robotic principles, the aim is to build a customizable and expandable robotic framework for real products.


The Bot1 on action


Target: Open source & hardware robotic system

  • Learn and experiment in robotics
  • Prototype and experimental version
  • Production version
  • To be expandable and customizable for specific solutions

This project is developed in two programming languages mainly: Python and C/C++. Since the prototype and experimental phase requires a easy development, regardless any optimization issue, Python provides a fast development whilst it is more accessible for beginners. For further development phases, C/C++ will be used for better performance of the system, oriented to real solutions.

The hardware platform currently used is based on BeagleBone board, which is powerful enough to run the prototype system. This board runs Linux-based operating system and has a wide community that makes a good board to develop and experiment with robotic systems. For higher requirements a STM32-Nucleo board system will be used during the development, making a real time dedicated platform to run the Bot1 system.


  • Python/µPython: Development and experimental purposes
  • C/C++: Production environment



In case of this project has awaken your interest, you are welcome to clone or fork this project from Github and contact to us.


The current development plan states as follows:

Feature State
Basic driving
Remote control
Accurate driving (to improve speed and orientation control) Planned
Obstacles detection (ultrasonic sensor, blocking detection) Planned
Indoor automatic motion (stochastic movement, room mapping) Planned
Outdoor (GPS) Planned